Guiding owners to train their dogs through calm, consistent leadership

The Martial Art Of Karate Is All About Discipline And Structure.

Just like in karate, where students earn belts as they move up the ranks, K9 Karate Dog Training awards dogs colored collars as they demonstrate basic to advanced behaviors. K9 Karate is committed to helping owners become the best dog trainers for their own dogs and live their best life together!

Our Training Programs

Family Pet Dog Training in Livermore, California, concentrating on Basic & Advanced Obedience and Canine Behavior.
Our team has the education, solution-based training techniques and experience to help understand your dog and reach your training goals.





How We Are Different

We want you to be the best trainer for your dog! We train you to lead your dog through calm, consistent, leadership. 

We don’t only focus on obedience, but we train dogs to make good choices on their own, to be calm and neutral and to live their best life with you as their leader. 

We use training methods that actually work so that our clients can properly control and trust their dog, even in highly distracting situations

If Your Dog Has Issues, We Have Solutions!

About K9 Karate

Erick has owned dogs his entire life. He is a Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) under the renowned Conifer Canine’s Dog Trainer College in Spencer Indiana. Erick has several other certifications from other institutions, including Michael Ellis academy among others, and is a certified approved trainer for Will Atherton’s Canine Academy. He continues his professional development in this field by constantly studying various methods and staying up to date in the industry. Erick is also certified in K9 First Aid and CPR. He is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).

He is dedicated to creating a special relationship between the owner and dog, through calm, consistent leadership practiced on a daily basis. 

From 2006 to 2018, Erick and his wife trained their Miniature Dachshund Jelli to race at professional events, such as Oakland Raider’s games. Jelli earned many first place titles and awards. In 2006, Jelli was featured on ESPN when she came in 2nd place out of 156 dogs at the Golden Gate Fields Wiener Nationals.

Erick continues his pursuit of knowledge and is mentored by veteran dog trainers, some  who have been in the dog training business for over 25 years.